clark hammockDespite being in existence for years, most people are still not sure about hammock camping. There is a wrong held adage that these beds are uncomfortable and unhealthy. However, these are just misconceptions that can easily be straightened out by using the right product and knowledge. The Clark Hammock will definitely make you want to go camping more.

The choice to use a hammock in place of a tent does not imply sacrificing comfort. There are numerous shreds of evidence including certified customer reviews that confirm the comfort and worth of using this equipment. However, it takes a lot of guts to abandon the standard tent for something new.

Here are a few guides to an outstanding and memorable experience.

First Things First

It is always necessary to identify the right product. Avoid any products manufactured from rope, low-quality material or an unknown manufacturer. This particular product is manufactured with the needs of the customer in mind. It is worth trying.

The Complete Camping Gear

The background of the design of this bed is based on the Mayan style. However, it is necessary to choose one specified for camping. This product contains specifications that make your outdoor experience memorable. The complete gear consists of;

  • The bed
  • The net
  • A rain sheet or tarpaulin
  • Fastening chords

Any high-quality gear will comprise of all these things as they are integral to a safe camping experience. This particular product also comes with;

  • suspension systems
  • Add-ons
  • An optional under quilt.

This equipment provides support for the back using suspensions and well-placed chords. The add-ons are an additional source of back support. This ensures that the sleep posture remains flat whether the one sleeping lies on the side or facing upwards.

There is minimal need to be bothered about the camping site. In this case, the level or dryness of the ground does not matter. A stony ground and crawling animals are nothing to worry about.

The Pitch Perfect Camping Experience: Where to Begin

Obtaining the right gear is the first step. The camping experience gets complete with the right knowledge on hanging up the bed.

Trees or no trees, it is quite easy to set up the bed. Begin by simply fixing the chords on trees or rock outcrops. The options go as far as using two cars, or a car and a tree as a tailgate to support the equipment. The good thing is that the gear comes with instructions.

It is always necessary to avoid pulling the bedding too tight. This never provides a flat sleeping position. Instead, hang it in such a way that it gives in a little bit. Once you find a great camping site, enjoy the outdoors in your Clark Hammock.

It’s A Perfect Hammock

  1. The hanging point from where the chord is fixed to the ground is supposed to be 70 inches from the ground.
  2. The setting from the center of the hammock bed to the ground should be around 18 inches.
  3. The suspension should be set at around 41 inches from the ground. This provides around thirty degrees between the actual bed and the suspension ropes.
  4. For comfort, the anchors need to be around 15 inches apart.

Such a setting provides support for up to 200 pounds of weight. It also gives a strategically positioned center of gravity.

The best thing about this product is the net that keeps away critters. There is also no need to bother about the calculations. The set up comes with a calculation sheet inclusive in the package.

The Best Hammock For A Fresh Camping Experience

Once the set up is complete, correct posture is necessary for an unforgettable sleeping experience. This only happens if the camper;

  • Sleeps diagonally rather than within the hammock shape. Avoid an ergonomic flat position.
  • Uses the under quilt for insulation against the night cold and thermal radiation during the day.
  • Sets up the net to keep away any insects and small animals.
  • Relax and enjoy the experience.
All the Best Features of a Tent plus Extras

Floating on top of the trees with the birds chirping and the knowledge of safety from any annoying insects is more than satisfying.

The idea that sleeping gear is light and non-bulky further increases the joys of experiencing the outdoors.

This equipment is advanced to keep excessive cold and heat away from the body. The cost is also affordable.

All of these hammock camping gears and accessories are designed for individual needs. The extra layers are detachable. They are only used when it is necessary. During warm weather, it is easy to do away with the tarpaulin and even quilt. If the set up is indoors, it is easy to do away with the net. It is time to switch to the best invention so far.