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Vandals strike President Andrew Jackson’s tomb

NASHVILLE, TN – (WZTV/CNN) – Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage attracts visitors from all walks and parts of the world to see the seventh U.S. president’s home, way of life and tomb.

"It’s the same thing as visiting as visiting George Washington’s tomb at Mt. Vernon or Thomas Jefferson’s tomb at Monticello," said Howard Kittell, president and CEO of the Andre Jackson Foundation.

But Saturday, Kittell said disrespect is why the foundation is respectfully covering up Jackson’s tomb. He was laid to rest in 1845. His beloved wife, Rachel, who died in 1828, is also buried there.

Kittell said on Friday morning, just before a scheduled board members’ portrait at the site, the grounds crew arrived to find someone had vandalized President Andrew and Rachel Jackson’s graves in Rachel’s garden.

"Used black ...

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