The Goodwill has reported an influx of donations following Christmas, and they say that they expect this to continue up to the end of the year.

Christmas may have passed, but residents of middle Tennessee are showing that they still care about each other, and that they have retained the spirit of sharing. Drop-offs increased significantly on Boxing Day, and are growing at a steady pace in the run up to New Year’s Eve. The Goodwill leaders expect that the donations are prompted by people giving away old and unwated stuff after having received gifts, and also that some people are being motivated by the knowledge that they can give things away and deduct the monetary value from their taxes.

People are giving away old toys that their kids have outgrown, shoes, purses, and other extra things, as well as clothes. Goodwill Industries has reallocated staff to some of the busiest locations to handle all of the donations.

It is heart-warming to read stories like these, after Tennessee has made headlines for other reasons over recent weeks. Hunter Stepehn Tucker killed a non-typical deer, and was bombarded with death threats because the buck was allegedly (Tucker denies these claims) located in an enclosure and unable to escape. The kill has been documented, and approved, by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, but animal rights activists are still in uproar over it. It is ironic that the campaigners so outraged over the killing of an animal are responding to that by threatening to kill the human hunter. The activists are working in conjunction with PETA, and the anti-gun lobby, and are calling for the end to all hunting, including the hunting of vermin, not just hunting bucks and othr wild animals. It’s a controvrsial time for gun enthusiasts ad hunters right now.