The US state Georgia was the 13th of the original 13 British colonies to be established. It was founded in the middle of winter, early in 1733. Its capital city Atlanta is one of the greatest hubs of the entire southeast, and one of the US’ most well-known cities overall. The state is well known for its moniker “The Peach State,” and it is also the home of major world famous brands such as Coca-Cola, the Atlanta Braves MLB baseball team, and the CNN Center, the central location of one of the world’s biggest news providers. A number major movies and television shows have also been filmed in the state throughout the last several years.

There are many historic landmarks in Georgia, and an ample amount of worthwhile tourist attractions to jot down in your itinerary if you happen to be traveling through. You should consider checking out the following:

1 – Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum

History and Civil War buffs will feel right at home here. A sight to behold, the Cyclorama itself hosts what has been touted as the largest oil painting in existence. If it were to be laid out flat, it would measure an impressive 42 feet tall by 358 feet wide.

2 – Centennial Olympic Park

Atlanta was the home of the 1996 Summer Olympics. This gorgeous 21-acre park was opened in commemoration and it is still available for public visitation.

3 – Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

Another great stop for history lovers, this park preserves a famous Civil War battleground, and it is also the home of Kennesaw Mountain.

4 – Stone Mountain Park

Centered around a dome made of quartz monzonite, Stone Mountain Park may be the ultimate must-visit spot for tourists looking to kick back and also take in the culture in Georgia. There is a well-known rock relief in full display there, depicting Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis, and Robert E Lee, all major figures in the Civil War Confederacy.

5 – The World Of Coca-Cola

As the home of the world famous soft drink, Atlanta also hosts The World of Coca-Cola, a must-visit tourist attraction showing off the history of the beverage and a variety of entertainment features. One of the most talked about is the area which grants free access to unique Coca-Cola flavors from all over the world.