Is the great state of Georgia on your mind? If you have been wondering where you might take your next vacation, then this state is certainly one worthy of consideration, given the wide variety of activities and locations it offers.

Georgia is a state in the Southeast region of the United States, and sometimes confused worldwide or at least on Google with a former Soviet republic of the same name in Central Asia. Its eastern border is shared by South Carolina and the Atlantic Ocean, while the short northern border is split by North Carolina and Tennessee. Alabama lies along its entire western boundary, and Florida takes up all of the southern edges.

AMC’s smash zombie post-apocalyptic hit show “The Walking Dead” is a big reason behind the recent uptick in interest in vacations in Georgia. The show has been filmed in the state since it’s first season, and even though the fictional story within the show relocated to the nation’s capital on the air, the actual show is still filmed in Georgia. Entire vacation packages and bus tours revolve around visiting filming locations the show has used in the past.

Those interested in vacations centered around golfing certainly have reason to visit Georgia, as Augusta is a die-hard mecca fans should visit at least once. Even if Augusta itself is not visited, the state has plenty of golf courses all around, and since there are so many sunny days around the year, plus mild winters for most of the state, golfing is possible practically all year long.

Anyone looking for a vibrant urban vacation should look to Atlanta, one of the largest cities in the nation. With diverse culture, museums, breweries, a multitude of cuisines and restaurants, abundant nightlife, and professional sports galore, this city has something for everyone.

Those wanting time outdoors have options too. Savannah is the primary destination on the coast that many uses as a romantic getaway or a trip into historical colonial America. Georgia’s many beaches are also a great place to visit, as they are just as nice, but not as crowded as the more popular Myrtle Beach area up the coast or Florida’s sand and sunshine to the south.

The Appalachian Mountains extend into the northwestern corner of the state, providing hikers a place to flock to with their rolling hills, mountain slopes of forest, and impeccable views.