Mountain biking provides a unique opportunity to explore the outdoors in a way that is both fun and exciting. Whether you are casually peddling through the forest or speeding down a rocky slope, there is no better way to experience the world around you than on a bike. Check out these tips for mountain biking in Tennessee to ensure that you have a great time on your next ride:

1. Invest in all of the right gear. It goes without saying that you should wear protective gear every time you ride a mountain bike. Not only can mountain trails be unpredictable but you will often be riding in remote areas where it can take a long time to get help if you need it. Invest in a good helmet. Additionally, consider wearing wrist braces, gloves, knee pads, or other gear to protect yourself in the event of an accident.

2. Wear the right clothing. When riding any kind of bike, it is important to wear clothing that fits close to your body – especially on your lower half. If your pant legs are too loose, they could get caught in your chain. You should also choose clothing that allows you to move freely and that will provide some level of protection if you fall. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses if it is sunny out so that you can clearly see the trail ahead.

3. Choose trails that are a good fit for your current level. Avoid trying to push yourself too hard when you are first starting out. Instead, stick to gentle trails. This will give you a chance to master skills such as shifting and braking in a relatively safe environment. You can then gradually start working your way up to more difficult trails, taking care to avoid taking on challenges that are too far above your current level.

4. Always bike with someone. Unfortunately, accidents do sometimes happen. Because of that, you should never go mountain biking alone. Always bring someone with you. Carry a first aid kit along with you. Additionally, bring your cell phone or some other type of communication device so that you can call for help if you need it.

Tennessee has some incredible mountain biking opportunities. These tips should help you be as prepared as possible before you hit the trails, ensuring that you will have a great time enjoying the outdoors on your bike.